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1:1 Coaching for Solopreneurs

I think I’ve met you. You are a professional, excellent at what you do AND you are feeling restrained and dissatisfied in your job and maybe even your life. You know you are capable of making so much more impact. The idea of starting your own business where YOU have full creative control over culture, products/services, and operations lights up your thoughts often. You can picture the life having your own successful business would provide you, things like freedom, meaning, time, and financial growth.  When you visualize this life, both your mind and heart come alive with excitement.


You may have already made the decision to start your business or you might be in those first steps of contemplation.  Big ideas and a dream call to you, but fears and doubts haunt you.  You might be overwhelmed with everything you know you need to do and don’t know where to start. You might be wondering how a new business fits into the rest of your life.  As a Solopreneur there’s a lot to figure out and even the most supportive family and friends can only help so much. 

What would it be like to have an ally on your team as you move forward?  What would it be like to have clarity, confidence and momentum?


As your coach, I’m here to help.  I will create a safe, bold and encouraging space for you to explore and solidify your ideas, make decisions, and take actions so that you can propel yourself forward with confidence and speed and start making money as a solopreneur.

  • Identifying your strengths and gifts and how they will be your Superpowers in your new venture

  • Getting clear and specific about what you do and who you do it for (your Mission)

  • Visioning – picturing where this is going long term and what it means for your life and that of your Clients & customers

  • Getting over Imposter Syndrome and “It’s been done before” thoughts that stall you

  • Managing “overwhelm” by digging deeper into what’s really important

  • Finding strategies to deal with situations/tasks you are uncomfortable with until you feel naturaL    

  • Making smart decisions about what skills to improve and what things to outsource

  • Identifying self-limiting beliefs, old perspectives and habits that hold you back and finding strategies to overcome them

  • Identifying your personal values and the values you want to operate by

  • Setting specific goals and timelines that stretch you “just enough”

  • Learning to find success in progress vs. perfection

  • Designing Accountability into your plans and taking action

And...because there is more to you than just your business....

You are a vibrant and whole person and are likely building this business to fulfill your bigger life dream. Therefore, you may sometimes find yourself wanting to coach on things you perceive of being "outside of business".  You are growing in life and if it’s in your life, it will probably affect your work. Our lives are as varied as our nail colors. These are just a few examples of “personal” things that come up in coaching solopreneurs:

  • Personal Values and Belief Systems

  • Work/life “balance” and what that means for you

  • Relationships

  • Joy and Fun

  • Health and Self Care

  • Life Transitions and the effects

      (such as divorce, remarriage, aging parents, a death, empty nest)

If you are ready to get your business off the ground or take it to the next level NOW....If you are ready to step into the life YOU want to live, let's talk. Why wait when your Discovery Session is absolutely FREE! 

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