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Decisions Don't Have to be Hard

Why do some of us struggle with making decisions?

We say we are overwhelmed

or that we need more info

we overanalyze

we get 67 opinions from others

or we wait until it’s too late and it’s made for us. If you are reading this, you probably already know that being stuck in the swamp of indecision is a stressful and draining.

When we choose to stay in indecision (yes I said choose) beyond the period of time we need to get clarity and consider options, the longer we stall our outcomes (and feel like crap!). We also reinforce our thoughts that decisions are hard for us. Who wants that to happen?

Not making a decision IS a decision. It’s the decision to sit in one type of discomfort in fear of another. If you have any goal….if you breathe air…you Have to make decisions.

This past week has been a rich experience as I continue to work with clients who have big goals for their business and their lives. We’ve discussed their values, their limiting beliefs, their fears, and their options. This week was powerful. ! One chose their niche

! One decided to let a client go, so they could focus on their ideal clients ! Two committed to putting their business plans in writing

! Another decided to set a boundary and stop people pleasing in a situation

(oh that client was me)

They still have the same concerns they had before, thoughts like: “What if this is the wrong choice?” “What if I fail?” “What if someone reacts poorly” AND they are choosing to believe & move forward. They are creating the opportunity for success and transformation. THE TOOLS: These are the tools we used to get to a decision.

Clarity – what’s important to You and what’s getting in your way

Confidence – that you can figure things out and handle any outcome

Courage – Before and after the decision, be willing to be uncomfortable, then decide and

act anyway.

If you find yourself struggling with a decision right now or in the future, take a breath, clear your mind, pull these three tools out of your toolbox and put them to work on that decision making muscle. #yougotthis

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