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Hi, I’m Jacque and I'm a Builder...

...Literally and Figuratively


My career and life have been a story of building and growth. As a certified professional coach, I help my clients custom build businesses, careers, and lives they custom design and are in love with. I do this through one on one coaching, workshops, and writing. In those practices, I offer a safe and courageous space for people to be vulnerable & bold and to learn & grow.  Here’s a little more about me and my journey to coaching.

The literal building story: I spent decades in the new home construction industry.  During the first half of my career, I grew and settled into the corporate world, eventually holding an executive role at a midsized homebuilder. The next adventure was founding a new home building company with a trusted partner for a successful 13-year run. After my partner’s retirement, I worked in existing real estate sales and also founded a new home building company. I overcame my fears, proved I could do "all the things" solo and be successful, but my heart was calling for a change.

My first foundation dig as a solo general contractor

The figurative, building my “self” story: While I was building homes and businesses, I was also building by discovering who I am, what is important to me vs. what others told me was "right", and who I want to be. On that journey, I learned more about discipline, humility, and mastery while working toward my black belt in Kyuki-do. In yoga teacher training, I embraced the belief that we are all created perfectly imperfectly, that we get to choose our thoughts, values, and actions, and that success is just showing up time after time. I shared the practice I love by founding and growing a yoga studio for several years. Recently I have found courage and joy in solo travel, beginning with a grounding meditation retreat in Tulum and eventually with my first exploration trip overseas. I traveled to Italy, where I wandered Florence, marveled at the art and history, climbed lots of centuries-old Italian stairs and then cycled through Tuscany for a week. I capped my recent decade with a week-long ride in the Rocky Mountains and my first Ironman triathlon. Other places I can often be found are local coffee shops, volunteering at Agrace Hospice, the gym, the yoga mat, concerts & musicals, Mexican restaurants, power napping, kayaking with my dad. 


Every person, every endeavor, every experience can be a teacher.  I will always be an enthusiastic learner.

As Your Coach


  • Help you to get clear on your business and personal goals and take massive action to achieve them.

  • Hold you as the expert in your business and life

  • Encourage your learning, growth and accountability to your goals

  • Be fully present for you

  • Create a no judgement zone and a space of safety and trust

  • Hold everything you share with me during our sessions confidential

  • Provide mentorship as appropriate and requested

Would you like to learn what else you'll  receive when you coach with me?

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